HSF Management
Purpose / Mission / Values

HSF Management

Gathering like-minded individuals to transform
social issues into a brighter future


Engage with People. Invest in People.
Everything starts from People.


Solve social issues and make a positive impact.


Change our Future. Create our Future.

Purpose /
Mission / Values

PMV drives HSF Management.


Change Our Future


Freedom of Life
Medical Revolution


  • Ideas Into Reality
  • Issue Driven
  • ZERO-Based Decision
  • Simple and Clear
  • Respect and Fun
  • Be Happy, Make Happiness

CellSource Mindset 22


One Step Forward

HSF Management and PMV

The dual forces of HSF Management and PMV drive our business forward,
delivering value to society.

CellSource tackles
three social issues
to change our future.

Aging Society

The widening gap between
life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

Our solutions
Disseminate regenerative medicine for KOA*.
Promote evidence-based
aesthetic medicine.

* KOA : Knee osteoarthritis

Declining Birthrate

Decline in working-age population

Our solutions
Promote regenerative medicine
for fertility
treatment to
increase birthrate.

Budget Deficit (in Japan)

Declining sustainability of medical infrastructure

Our solutions
Establish a hybrid healthcare system by promoting
the understanding and industrialization of
self-pay medical treatment in Japan.

* Self-pay medical treatment and insurance-based treatment exist in Japan.