To Our Shareholders and Investors

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Our company, with “Change Our Future” as our purpose and “Freedom of Life with Medical Revolution” as our mission, has been dedicated to launching and expanding businesses that are truly necessary for society.
Japan is facing various social challenges such as an aging population, a declining birthrate, and financial issues, and the structure of society is on the verge of profound change. Amid these circumstances, we aim to solve social issues through fields such as regenerative medicine, which has evolved from the research stage to the treatment stage.

We believe that building relationships of absolute trust with all our stakeholders—patients and their families, medical institutions, shareholders, business partners, employees, and society at large—is of the utmost importance for our company to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term.
Since our founding in 2015, we have received the understanding and support of many people for our business in this new field.
Going forward, based on our appreciation for all of our stakeholders, both as a company and individually as members of our team, we are committed to engaging directly with you and delivering even more meaningful value to society than ever before.

Our company achieved listing on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 6, 2023. As we have progressed into a phase demanding further enhancement of corporate value, we have positioned the period starting from the fiscal year ending October 2024 (our 9th fiscal year) as our second founding stage and are working to strengthen our management structure. With the objective of achieving explosive growth in our existing businesses and the swift launch of new ventures, we elected two Representative Directors at the 8th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on January 25, 2024, and at the Board of Directors meeting on the same day. Additionally, to provide leadership to the Board and enhance the monitoring and supervision of our business operations, we also appointed a Chairman. We will do our utmost to achieve discontinuous growth for our company.

We will continue to realize solutions to many social issues and make significant contributions to the development of society as a company. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation as we look forward to our company's future growth.

Masayuki Yamakawa,
Chairman of the Board
Takashi Sawada,
Representative Director and CEO
Masato Tsumamoto,
Representative Director and CXO